Eldar Seron

The Seer


Eldar Seron was an emissary for the Chazon on Tellon to the other worlds. Due to his position, he spent most of his time in Zyon speak with the emissary from other worlds. When civil war broke out of Tellon, Seron was denied permission to go back in an attempt to restore diplomacy in his home world.

Forced to stay in Zyon, Seron used his talents and knowledge to become an advisor to high ranking officials through the city. If he could not return home to restore peace, he would attempt to make changes from within Zyon. Through many years of service of guiding the leaders of Zyon, Seron brought about great change and property to Zyon and the other worlds. Though he hid in the background, his efforts and accomplishments had not gone unnoticed. In the prime of his career, he was approached by the leaders that he served and was asked if he would like to serve on the council. A great honor indeed, however, serving on the council meant rejecting his current life. We would be stripped of all other titles and responsibilities. Serving on the council was for life.

Eldar Seron

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