The Warforged, created by the Chazon, were designed as servants to assist in all areas of life, from construction to house maid to soldier. Through the years, warforged were instructed to create more warforged, newer more advanced models. These new creations were more intelligent, more aware than the former. They began to develop true consciousness and started forming a civilization of there own, hidden deep under Zyon. As Zyon began to overcrowd, the warforged heard word that new world's would be created by the Chazon so that different race may go and live amongst themselves and govern lands of their own. The warforged began their exodus into one of these worlds.

Now the Warforged live in their world, (name not created yet), as the masters of technology. Their advancements as a race has led to the creation of some Zyon greatest achievements, including the Airship, the Spire of Zyon, and many military advancements such as the P.R.O.J.E.C.T. Series.

Myrria is a mechanized world. It produces it's own energy that can be harnessed by the warforged for what ever they see fit. Their greatest strength is their technology in military. The Warforged have design many models ranging from the standard knight to unique combat variants. These variants are classified by different combat types:

  • Close Combat
  • Artificer
  • Heavy
  • Artillery
  • Sabotage


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